Welcome to the site.  This site is no longer being updated and being kept up for archival purposes.

If you are after information on the chassis plans I sell use the chassis plans link on the left and be sure and check out the FAQ (Frequently asked questions). I still sell the plans. 

All of my previous buildups can be accessed under the Tech section and are another great resource if you are building from a set of my chassis plans or just looking for ideas.

Latest Updates:


Hard to believe the website has been up for 19 years.  As you may have noticed I quit updating the site when I got out of rockcrawling but kept it up since people where still buying the chassis plans and the site served as a great reference for how to build a rockcrawler from scratch.

 Chassis plans sales look to have finally fallen to the point where the site will cost more to keep running than it generates in a year. So 16 years later and I am trying to decide what to do with the site. As of now I plan on closing the site in May 2021.

Chassis plans will be available for purchase until then. If you are interested in purchasing the rights to the chassis plans (including all marketing materials, solid models, etc) and/or the website drop me a line.      


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