Trail Fixes

Broken Main Leaf Spring

Tools Required:

Muffler clamps that fit around the springs.

After breaking the main leaf spring on the Raw Deal trail, we used a pair of muffler clamps to hold the main leaf to the other leaf springs.  The wrench was needed because one of the muffler clamps was too tall and couldn't be tightened down onto the springs without some sort of spacer.

Bent Tie Rods

Bent tie rods are a pretty common occurrence on the trail.  Many times you can't even tell you have bent the tie rod until you are driving on level ground and you notice the steering wheel is no longer centered.  Here's an easy fix to help make that drive home more enjoyable.

Tools Required:

Short section of chain and a way to link it together.

Hi-Lift jack or other object that can be used as a lever.

As you can see in the picture, you wrap the chain around the tie-rod and attach the links (in this case the chain had some hooks on each end).  Place the jack through the chain and under the axle, next carefully push down.  You may need to bend the tie rod past straight and level a few times.  One thing to remember is the more you bend the tie rod the weaker it gets due to metal fatigue.  At some point you will want to consider replacing it, but keep the old one as a spare.