1.3l Power Steering Pump Bracket



Power Steering Pump Mounting

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While I had my motor out I also pulled my A/C out of my Samurai since I wasn't going to run the doors anymore.  Since the A/C compressor was on the same belt as the power steering pump I needed to find a new way to tension the p/s pump.   It just so happens the A/C kit came with a nice bracket and adjustable pulley that bolted to the top of the Samurai block, using the holes my existing pump bracket used.  I decided to make a new bracket that would mount the p/s pump down lower, this would give better access to the #1 spark plug, and allow me to run the p/s fluid reservoir a little lower since the pump would now be much lower than the reservoir (before it was nearly level with the reservoir).  In the picture above I bolted the old bracket to the block with one bolt to get an idea of how the mounting arrangement I had planned would look.

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To get started on the new bracket, I made a square plate and put two holes in it that matched two of the threaded holes on the block.

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Next I took a 50 cent gusset I bought at a local shop and welded it to the bottom of my mounting plate. Earlier in the day after work I had traced my old bracket onto another plate and cut and drilled the plate to allow my Celica power steering pump to mount up to it.

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I wanted another mounting point so I bolted the bracket up to the block and positioned a small tab onto one of the free mounting holes on the front of the block.  I actually put some spacers behind the tab just in case I ever have to move the bracket back to accommodate a larger pump or different pulleys.  You may have noticed the main pulley isn't a stock Suzuki pulley, it's actually quite a bit larger, another old part from my A/C kit.  This pulley should spin the pump faster, I am hoping the seals can handle the added RPM's. 

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The finished bracket turned out pretty nice.  I gusseted the underside of the front tab, and welded another small triangular shape gusset on the top of the plate that mounts to the block.