Weight Loss



Weight Loss

We are getting ready to run some really hard trails now that the cool weather is upon us so the time is right to pull any unnecessary sheet metal.  I ordered some goggles and the started to remove the windshield frame and targa bar.  Here's a couple before and after pictures.

Dscn8258.jpg (33455 bytes)Dscn8263.jpg (27505 bytes)

Dscn8259.jpg (29925 bytes)Dscn8262.jpg (30497 bytes)

The windshield assembly w/ the side supports above the door weighed in at 40lbs, the targa bar was a light 20lbs and the doors weigh 30lbs each.  So the Zuk is now 120lbs lighter, even better all the weight came from above the center of gravity.  It will be interesting to see if I can notice any difference on the trails.

Update - You can definitely tell a difference and the extra visibility was very helpful on the trail.