Samurai Rocker Panel Protection



Rocker Panel Protection

 really liked my Petroworks nerf bars but after the last run to Pyeatt Draw I noticed the front frame outrigger where the nerf bar mounts was collapsing.  As a result when I put the door back on after the run I couldn't close it.  I feel if you weld a 1/4" steel plate to both front and rear mounting points you'll probably avoid this problem.  Since I am expecting to try even harder trails I decided to just beef up the rocker panel protection as much as possible.  Based on some research the best way to do this on a Samurai seems to be to attach some steel angle to the frame so it sits directly under the rocker panel.  This way all of the force from impacts will be spread amongst the frame mounts and the entire length of the rocker panel.  With a tube style nerf bar, once the mount fails all the force is centered on the two points where the bars pass under the rocker panel.


20 ft 4.00 x 4.00 x .25" Steel Angle - $47




Cut off Wheels

Mounting Bolts ( I used 3/8" hardware)

DSCN4717.JPG (42947 bytes)DSCN4718.JPG (48740 bytes)

I based my rocker panel sliders off of an article I found on I made a few changes for my setup.  First I cut the angle longer than the instructions said to.  I cut them to 47" and then contoured the ends to follow the body lines.


DSCN4719.JPG (55733 bytes)

Another difference was on the rear mount.  I welded a piece of angle to the frame and mounted the new nerf bar to this instead of the thin piece of stock frame right above the rear spring mount.

DSCN4720.JPG (62351 bytes)

I reinforced the frame for the front mount by welding a 1/4" steel plate to the inside of the frame outrigger.

DSCN4646.JPG (69138 bytes)

The finished product.  Only thing left to do is fill in the small gap between the rocker panel and angle with some paintable silicon.