Samurai Roll Cage



Roll Cage

his is probably one of the first mods you should do for your Samurai if you plan on frequent off-road usage.  I know I procrastinated for quite a while before I finally decided to get a cage built.  

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I had a new front hoop made with a bar that hugs the shape of the dash tying the two sides of the hoop together.  Two bars extend back from there to factory hoop.  From there I have two legs that end in the bed of the Samurai.  I am thinking about adding a bar up the middle between the front hoop and factory hoop for some extra rock protection.

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It'll look good in the fall with no targa and the windshield folded down.

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Since the cage was welded in the vehicle I decided against pulling it out to paint for fear it may be really hard to get it back in.  So I taped everything off the best I could and gave it two coats of primer and 3 coats of yellow.