Rollover Repairs



Samurai Repairs

This page will track the progress as I repair my Samurai after its first roll over.


This is the Samurai after the roll.  Major points of contact were on the front drivers side fender, drivers side windshield frame, hood and a hit on the rear quarter panel.

Day 1.  Let the repairs begin.  At this point I discover the windows on the doors cannot be rolled up.  Amazingly my hardtop survived with a few scratches.  I have decided to go back to a softtop, much cheaper to replace if this were ever to happen again.

By the end of the day I have most of the interior stripped out.  I have noticed a crack in the body right by the tailgate hinges.  That will have to be welded up.  At this point I am planning ditching the tailgate and just mounting the spare either on my roll cage or on the floor of the bed.  Haven't decided if I want to keep the targa bar yet (little voice says yes).

Day 2. Picked up a windshield frame but the guy broke the glass when he pulled it from the donor vehicle, While I have everything tore down I decided to shave all the flares.  Fred loaned me a special drill bit used for removing spot welds.  Found a little rust under the door sills (pretty common).  Hood is off and some of the bigger dents were pounded out.  Also did a little work on the fender .


We sanded the hood down so it's all ready for paint.


Day 3.

Dave King and Ron Conley dropped by early this morning an helped me straighten out my targa bar.  Then Ron helped me get the broken windshield out of my new frame, it had some really good glue holding it on.  Rest of the day was spent masking off the Samurai and removing parts from the body.  I applied two coats of primer (3 cans).

And the color of choice: sunburst yellow.  3 coats did the trick, about 4 cans. I also primered the windshield frame and the two side bars that are above the doors.  Tomorrow they'll get painted and I'll prep the doors for paint.  Hopefully by Friday I'll have most of the interior back in and I can move the doors around with the porta-power to get them to close right.

Day 4 : It is starting to look like a Samurai again.  I got the windshield frame mounted today, all the moldings, seatbelts and lights.  The second picture above shows the front fender after I worked it out.  It was pushed in past the headlight. 

Going to try and get a windshield tomorrow. 

Made some good progress today.  Got the windshield installed along with all the support bars.  Early in the morning my wife helped me mount the doors and push them back into shape with the porta power.  I then sanded, primered and painted them. 

Almost there.

Day 6.  it's pretty much done.  Doors are on, we put all the gaskets back on after we mounted them.  I got the tailgate done just in time to leave for the ZOA meeting.  I wasn't going to put it on but it really cuts down on the exhaust fumes that get sucked back into the cab.  We added some accent stripes on the side, hope they hold up to the Arizona brush, time will tell.  I do have another hood that I am going to paint and replace the banged up on that is on there.  Gotta love Arizona.  I was outside doing most of the work today in a t-shirt!