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Guess which pinion is the 5.29?  Believe it or not the small one on the right is the stock Samurai 3.73.  The next picture shows the size difference between the stock Toyota carrier and front Samurai carrier.

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I chose to run a spool for the rear traction device.  Basically the spool is a solid piece of metal that the axles slide into and the ring gear is bolted to.  No moving parts and the wheels are always locked together.  This setup will be  little harder on the tires but I'll gladly say goodbye to the typical locker pops, bangs and slop.  I had Kong's 4x4 Off-Road Center (602-944-2411 ask for Mark Mason ) install my gears and traction devices.  I was advised not to use Genuine R&P's due to several failures that Mark from Kong's had seen.   A little searching on the internet turned up quite a few failures with Genuine gears in Toyota differentials so rather than risk it I ordered some Superior gears and returned the Genuine gears I had picked up by mistake (forgot to check the box).  

Update 2-14-03  If you can afford it I'd run ARB's front and rear.  the spool works good, too good in some case.  For instance when driving in sand, even with the front wheels turned the spool will tend to bulldoze you forward.  

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The rear spring pads were about an inch further outboard of my springs, I cut the Toyota perches off and sandwiched the new perches between the axle housing and springs to set the pinion angle. 

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This is one of the parts I was worried about.  Since the rear Toyota axle has a centered differential my rear drive line will be running with a compound angle.  Here's a couple shot from various directions showing the angle.  I was actually surprised that it wasn't any worse looking.  I am planning on having a bigger u-joint and Toyota flange added to my rear drive shaft so that and the double cardan joint should allow this setup to work good.  From what I have read you can also take the front Toyota drive shaft (which has a double cardan joint on it) and have it cut down for use on the Samurai.  

Update 2-14-03 A lot of people ask about the drive shaft setup and if it vibrates.  I can do 65mph and have no vibrations.  The u-joints have been in this configuration and have shown no wear or ill effects.  In that same time period I have damaged the front shaft beyond repair twice due to contact with rocks.

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