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Project Money Pit has been put on hold for now.  I will build another rig, but right now the timing isn't right.  In the mean time I will continue experimenting with the old rig and will continue to post updates.   I spent a few nights this week prepping my spare front axle housing.  The plan is to swap the housings out when I get the upgraded axles I ordered (Longfields).  I haven't had any problems with the stock Toyota axles, but I have a feeling I will be pushing them to the limits when I combine the 37's and the 1.6 motor I want to install later this year.

DCP_3470.jpg (20665 bytes)

I removed the lower axle gusset and attached one of All Pro Off Road's gussets above the axle tube for more ground clearance.  

DCP_3462.jpg (20626 bytes)DCP_3466.jpg (25416 bytes)

These pictures show the Roger Brown axle clearance kit  installed.  It should net about an inch of clearance under the differential.  Seems like a lot of work for an inch but that's like putting a 2" taller tire on (which is even more work).

DCP_3473.jpg (20448 bytes)

The final bump stop config.  The taller bump stops I had were compressing down to an inch (from 4 inches) so I decided to try a shorter bump stop that doesn't compress very far.  Seems to have done the trick.

I'd also like to post some of the more useful links I came across while researching stuff for Project MP.










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