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Chassis Details

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After a few trails I have a small list of changes I would like to make. 

DSCN3692.JPG (25193 bytes)

The front bump stops needed some attention.  With the addition of the 37's I was getting a little rubbing on the firewall.  I basically added a plate to my old bump stop mount to move the bump stop out another two inches.  

DSCN3691.JPG (40205 bytes)DSCN3693.JPG (31867 bytes)

I bought this line lock kit from Pork Barrel Engineering a couple months back.  I needed to relocate my ARB compressor to use the supplied pre-bent brake lines.  The kit came with good directions and the wiring is almost a no brainer with everything well labeled.  What is a line lock kit?  Basically this will function as my e-brake. Once everything is hooked up you press the brake pedal then flip the safety cover over the supplied toggle switch, flip the switch and the two electric solenoids will click.  You may now take your foot off the brake pedal, the solenoids have locked the lines in effect holding the brake pedal for you.   

DSCN3695.JPG (32283 bytes)

The ARB compressor was moved behind the passenger seat.  One of my future mods is to install a backup compressor (built from a Cadillac air ride compressor) next to the ARB.  The other compressor may also handle tire inflation duties when I find a suitable small air tank.  I also debated getting a small Powertank, if I go that route you can setup the Powertank to actuate the air locker so that would also serve as a good backup.

Little Details

Dscn3791.jpg (25565 bytes)

One of the things I wanted to do while I was tubing the Zuk was to clean up some of the rock grabbers I had hanging down by my rock sliders.  The big angle piece in the picture above was the rear mount for the rock slider.  It looks beefy but even with another piece of angle welded on top of it I could flex the rock slider if I pushed down on it.  Behind the rock slider mount is what is left of the stock spring hanger structure.  The spring hanger structure also braces the sheet metal above it where one of the body mount points is located.  I was leery about trimming this until I took a second look at the problem.

Dscn3792.jpg (20609 bytes)Dscn3826.jpg (20058 bytes)

I realized I was keeping the tub from moving upward with my cage.  My solution was to tie the rock slider into the cage with a brace as shown in the first picture.  Now the body mount would see very little load since the tub was captured in all directions by my cage and the rock slider. Out came the grinder and off came a couple more pounds of steel.  The next project is to build a ramp to go in front of my new spring hanger to make it possible to slide it up and over rocks.

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