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Chassis Details

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Why is it the last 5% always seems to take longer than the previous 90%?  I finished up some small details yesterday and went to load up the Zuk to take it home but my battery was dead.  I'll bring in the charger tomorrow.

DSCN3553.jpg (40145 bytes)

A side view of the rear end.  You can see my spare axels mounted in their holder along with the hi-lift and trunk.

DSCN3563.jpg (36264 bytes)

Ended up having to move the fuel filler back too keep the hose from kinking.  Something to keep in mind for the future, the fuel filler hose does not like to bend.  The extra holes in the perforated aluminum sheet are for additional eye bolts or just moving them around.

DSCN3555.jpg (32453 bytes)

All Done

The finished product.  I worked all night Friday to get it ready for a club run on Saturday.  After a bunch of frustrating setbacks (dead gel cell battery, 2 faulty taillight wiring assemblies, a dead fuel pump) I was finally able to drive it up on the trailer for it's first test run.  

DSCN3566.jpg (48133 bytes)DSCN3567.jpg (47619 bytes)

DSCN3568.jpg (47773 bytes)

DSCN3569.jpg (50381 bytes)

DSCN3570.jpg (39021 bytes)

The traction bar.  I am really glad I added this, I wasn't going to but when I saw I wasn't going to be done by last weekend I decided to make one and get it installed while my rig was still down.  I could tell a big difference when climbing loose hills in 2wd, before it was real easy to get the back end hopping but now it just stays planted and you can use as much throttle as you want.  In the rocks I couldn't tell any difference than before as far as flex was concerned, the traction bar seemed transparent.  I can't wait to try it on some of the rocky waterfalls.

Dscn3672.jpg (37307 bytes)

The exhaust routing proved tricky.  I tackled that late Friday night with the help of a friend.  We used a torch to heat the exhaust tubing into the shape we needed to get it above the traction bar cross member and then moved the exhaust hangers as required.  I still need to put a down turned tip on the exhaust, it dumps the hot exhaust pretty close to my shackle right now.

Cost Breakdown

The cage material consisted of about (5) 20ft sticks of 1 5/8 x .120 wall and (2) 20 ft sticks of 1.00 x .120 wall HREW tubing - $180

Misc steel for shock mounts, traction bar, shackle, gussets, etc - $80

Paint, 3 cans of primer, 9 cans yellow, 1 can flat black - $50

Large Ammo box for trunk - $43

Lengthen Driveshaft - $135

Brake Lines - $8

Taillights - $23

Welding supplies (wire/gas) - $60

Cut-off wheels, chop saw disc, hole saws for notcher - $60

Misc hardware for shackles, traction bar, etc - $40

Perforated Aluminum Sheet for rear deck - $23

I am sure I am forgetting some stuff but it was still cheaper to do it myself than to pay a shop to do what I did.  The really big cost came in time, I spent roughly 160 hours on this project over the course of 3.5 weeks and had another 30 or so hours of help from friends (special thanks to Nasser, Erik, Ken and Steve).

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