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Tubing the Back

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The final stretch, the basic cage is done.  Tomorrow I will be bracing the cage, mounting shocks, fuel tanks and storage boxes.

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Update 9-1-02 - Worked all day Sunday on the Zuk.  The fuel tank is nearly mounted, the rear shocks are mounted and I am down to a small list of things to add/fix.

DSCN3491.jpg (38898 bytes)

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Update 9-2-02 - Getting close.   You definitely want to avoid using  the stock fuel tank if possible.  The 4 mounting holes are all on different planes making for a strange mounting setup.  I ended up dropping some tubes down from my flatbed and welding a small pad to the end of the tube.  I'll take some pictures when I get the tank installed, I need to paint the rest of the rig first.

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