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1.6 16V Install

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I have been putting this off for a while but I am ready for fuel injection and a little more power.  Follow along on my 16v adventure, and don't try this at home unless you have some time to kill.

DSCN5347.JPG (43476 bytes)

Step 1, the block is installed.  I used a Petroworks install kit.  The motor mounts move the motor down and towards the passenger frame rail to allow clearance on the drivers side for the exhaust manifold and eliminates the need for a body lift (the 16v block is tall!).  This solves a few problems but makes another, with the motor moved over I can't get the Tracker fan in the Samurai fan shroud.  I will either have to move the radiator over an inch or run an electric fan.   Before I went any further I wanted to get the wiring harness in the vehicle. 

DSCN5345.JPG (40366 bytes)DSCN5348.JPG (48351 bytes)

I have about 28 hours into the wiring harness at this point.  That includes 6 hours spent stripping the dash and pulling the stock Samurai harness out.  Here's what I have done to the Tracker harness so far:

1.  Cut all the electrical tape and wire conduit from the harness.

2.  Using a schematic from the a repair manual, I eliminated all non-essential wiring.  This includes all the lights, horn, airbag, radio, A/C and heater related wiring. 

3.  What's left was re-taped and I did a test fit as shown in the pictures above.  I'll try and take some more detail pictures as I go.  I was going to do a write up on the wiring but I haven't found a good schematic so right now I am winging it.

Update 2-7-03

Dscn5369a.jpg (31161 bytes)Dscn5371a.jpg (30871 bytes)

The fuel injected motors use a reed switch in the speedometer to send pulses to the ECU.  I know people who didn't bother to put this in the Samurai speedometer and the only downside seems to be worse fuel economy.  You can send off your Samurai speedometer to get the switch installed for $50 + shipping form various Suzuki vendors, or you can try the install yourself.  I am not sure if this works yet but here's what I did.  The first picture is the Tracker speedometer removed from the housing, the reed switch (or VSS) is shown in the picture to the right (I forgot to get a picture of it before I took it apart).  The important thing to look at is the two holes I have indicated.

Dscn5370.jpg (28135 bytes)Dscn5378.jpg (30021 bytes)

Carefully disassemble your Samurai speedometer and lo and behold it has the same two holes in it!  Take a small drill bit (smaller that the two bolts that held the VSS in the Tracker speedo) and drill the holes thru.  Next run the screws in to make some threads.  The second picture shows the VSS installed in the Samurai speedo.  You'll need to connect two wires to the switch, the yellow wire goes to the tracker ECU, black to ground.  I routed these out of the speedo via the holes for the check engine reset switch wires.

Dscn5372.jpg (40224 bytes)

Tracker ECU mounted above my steering column.

Dscn5373.jpg (46264 bytes)Dscn5374.jpg (39004 bytes)

I made a plate to mount the Tracker fuse box, power distribution blocks, etc.  The main power distribution block from the Tracker is mounted on the passenger side.  I cut the firewall behind the distribution block so I could plug everything in from the engine compartment side.  The only circuit being used is the main  fuse.  I'll hook my lights and other accessories up to some of the other circuits (the ABS is 60 amps and the A/C circuit is 50 amps)

Dscn5379.jpg (37587 bytes)

The radiator needed to be moved over about a half inch due to the motor mounts shifting the motor over for exhaust manifold clearance.  I cut the passenger side radiator mount from the frame and turned it into a flat plate.  I then drilled two 11/16 holes in the frame and welded the mount to the frame so the nuts are sticking thru the holes I drilled.  I made a spacer for the other side.  I also ended up having to slot the radiator brackets so I could drop the radiator down, again due to the motor mounts being lower than stock to allow the engine to fit under the hood without a body lift. To avoid this you could use an electric fan,  Flex-a-lite makes one that fits the Samurai radiator perfectly, P/N 110R and you can even get them in different colors.  The downside is the fan runs nearly $300.

Dscn5384.jpg (41875 bytes)

My new dash taking shape.  The Samurai instrument cluster will be mounted in the middle of the dash.   I also retained the stock lower brace since it ties the sheet metal into my cage nicely.

Dscn5386.jpg (27953 bytes)Dscn5387.jpg (36724 bytes)

Here's a shot of the motor mount and transmission adapter plate that come in the Petroworks 16v install kit.

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