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Boatsides/Seat Mounts

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DSCN4715.JPG (41275 bytes)DSCN4717.JPG (36039 bytes)

Let the fun begin.  Bracing the nerf bars was quite the chore.  I had to peel back the body to get the supports down to the frame.  I am hoping to be able to reuse most of the tub, it'll be nice to keep the dust down.   Here's a drivers side shot and a passenger side shot from the inside.

DSCN4720.JPG (35702 bytes)

At the last minute I realized I needed to add one more support up front.  Most of the hard hits to the nerf bars generally occur in the area right behind the front tire.

DSCN4721.JPG (40058 bytes)

With all the braces in place I made a template from cardboard to simulate this sheet of steel (3/16 thick).  I figured out where I needed to notch for clearance and when I had a good fit with the cardboard started cutting up the steel.

DSCN4725.JPG (37744 bytes)DSCN4731.JPG (28881 bytes)

I had the steel cut a little long so I could wrap it around the nerf bar.  At first I made cuts every two inches but then found I could go 8 inches with the same effect.  I continued to pound/weld/pound/weld for another half hour.  I still need to do some cleanup grinding.

DSCN4733.JPG (34721 bytes)

Passenger side.  The other tricky part was how to attach the front hoop, with the floor gone the mounting plate was dangling in space.  I ended up cutting the mounting plate off, putting a 30 deg angle on the tube, then welded another mounting plate to the end.  When the steel sheet was attached to the side, the new mounting plate rested right on the steel, a couple welds and it was nice and solid again.

DSCN4729.JPG (37543 bytes)

Before calling it a day I made some aluminum roof panels, these will keep the sun off of the occupants when the windshield isn't being used.

DSCN4738.JPG (37739 bytes)

Some of the little details.  I reused the old battery tray, just had to make a small support for the end.  Also shown is the hood pin mount and the tab that holds my air filter tube.

DSCN4739.JPG (44027 bytes)

The other side has mounts for the brake solenoids and the power steering cooler.

DSCN4740.JPG (37934 bytes)DSCN4741.JPG (40113 bytes)

The seat mounts were a major pain.  I finally gave up trying to weld 4 tabs for each seat and made some brackets so I can fine tune the seat location without having to cut and weld.  Down the road I'll try and get a pair of sliders so the seats will slide again.  The support in the second picture is welded to the frame rail.  I probably didn't need it but down the road if I every replace the intermediate driveshaft with a gear reduction box, I may have to cut the front seat mount bar.

DSCN4744.JPG (43177 bytes)

The rear seat mount bar is lower than the front to tilt the seats back slightly.

DSCN4747.JPG (42161 bytes)

The last thing I added was a bar across the engine bay above the radiator to protect it in case of a roll (I'll get a picture shortly).  Eventually I'll go back and make it removable, but for now you can get the radiator out fine. Next came paint prep, primer and a coat of yellow.

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