Project Money Pit

Samurai Based Buggy





The Plan

Update 6-6-02

Update 8-2-02

Update 8-28-02

Update 8-31-02

Update 9-7-02

Update 9-12-02

Update 9-28-02

Update 10-25-02

Update 12-22-02

Update 12-27-02

Update 1-1-03

 Update 2-07-03

Update 2-16-03

 Update 3-8-03

 Update 3-30-03

Update 6-20-03

Update 5-24-04

The End



Project Money Pit Planning


Project Tools

Cutting the Sheetmetal

Tubing the Back

Cage Details

Chassis Details

Chassis Details

Axle Housing/Project Links


Boatsides/Seat Mounts

Before/After Shots

1.6 16V Install

Dash/Rear Suspension

Rear Suspension/Full Hydraulic Steering

Rear Suspension/Full Hydraulic Steering

Misc. Details

Driveshaft/Warn Hub Problems

Project is Parted Out