Project Hellraiser 4

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After the Farmington road trip I decided it was time to find where the clunking noise was coming from when I turned the front tires.  It looked to be a good time for some axle R&R as well when I found some rust on one of the drive slugs.  Considering a few of the deep water crossing I did this spring I'd say the leak wasn't too bad.

Pretty sure this was the source of the cluncking.  This is the 3/4 x 7" grade eight bolt that runs between my upper steering arm and stock lower tie rod mount. Despite being sleeved it looks like the bolt bent which egged out the sleeve.  I had to pound this one out.  I plan on getting some new bolts and will make some new sleeves out of .250 wall DOM tubing.  The previous sleeves were .120 wall HREW

Initially I thought the kingpins may be the cause of the front end noises but the lower bearings looked ok and only the upper plastic bushings showed damage from use. 

While I had the front end apart I did a check of the front axles.  No twist was evident one either the inners or outers. I plan on checking the rear shafts soon which are just stock 14 bolt shafts.  After the 3 wild days in Farmington I will be stunned if they show no twist.

The knuckles looked good with no cracks evident so they received a cleaning and fresh coat of paint and are awaiting re-assembly.