Project Hellraiser 4

4 Seat Rock Crawler



Project Hellraiser 4 Planning

Cutting Begins & Parts Arrive

Exhaust and Transmission Mods

Bender Modifications and Frame Demolition

Rear Axle Truss & Started Bending Tube

Rear Suspension, D300 Support

Rear Tube Work

Mounting the seat, Coilovers and Air Bumps

Exhaust, Fuel System & Lots of Welding

Swaybar mounts, Bump pads & More welding

Wiring and Running New Brake Lines

Body Panels, Suspension Links and Springs

More Body Panels and Re-assembly

Test Run

New Roof, Hood Scoop and Odds and Ends

Electrical Gremlins and Shock Valving

Installing a 14 Bolt Rear End

Transfer Case Upgrades, Year End Update

Armored oil pan

Dash re-configuration, Cutting brake install

Year End Update, Re-skinning

Front Axle Refresh





The Plan

Update 6-6-07

Update 6-13-07

Update 6-24-07

Update 7-1-07

Update 7-9-07

Update 7-15-07

Update 7-23-07

Update 7-30-07

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Update 8-20-07

Update 8-27-07

Update 9-3-07

Update 9-18-07

Update 10-12-07

Update 11-16-07

Update 1-5-08 

Update 4-23-08

Update 8-24-08

Update 2-6-09

Update 6-6-09