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In my last update I had set aside two areas behind the front seats as storage.  Now it was time to figure out how to utilize those spaces.  I also have a tough time getting started mainly because it is hard to hold up the items that need homes and measure at the same time.  This is one area where it doesn't hurt to tack weld some structure in place to help old the storage bins where you want them. I started in on the drivers side storage area and after a few hours I had the cooler and an ammo box in position where I wanted them.  My inimical plan called for dimpled sheet metal but I ended up scrapping that plan 9and a few hours of work) and reverting back to simple tubing, tabs and brackets.

The ammo can is nested below the cooler. I did this so even in a hard roll the latch mechanism is not holding the ammo can closed but rather the strapped down cooler is ( I have had this style latch pop open in the past).  I used some simple tabs to make a pocket for the box.

Here you can see the relation between the ammo can pocket and cooler nest looking down from the top.

The cooler nest was made with some .75 x .09 thick steel strap that I formed to match the bottom of the cooler.

A tow strap should be easily accessible but still secured so it isn't flopping around the rig.  I got the idea for this strap holder after seeing something like it in Jay's old rock buggy.  I never got around to making one for my last buggy but it was on the to-do list for this build. 

The strap sets on a post and is captured by the cap.  You'll notice I also hook the free hanging loop around a small post to keep it from flopping around.

I built the snatch block mount out of thicker material due to the mass of the snatch block.  The bore on the snatch block is right about 2" and I happened to have some tube that fit inside of it snugly.  After capping the tube using a speed hole remnant I welded a 3/8 nut to the backside of the cap.  The snatch block sets on the bore and rests on a pair of rubber pads to keep it from rattling.  The whole thing is held in place by another speed hole remnant and a 3/8 bolt that I attached a larger handle to so you could torque it down good by hand,

The passenger side gets a larger ammo can again setting below the cooler mounting surface.


Flooring is going to be a mix of steel and aluminum panels.  Anything steel will be welded in and aluminum will be used for removable panels.  Based on my last buggy I found most of the rear panels never needed to come out of the rig even during major tear downs which is part of the reason I am going with steel for some of the closeouts.

The closeout panels next to the seats are angled roughly 50 degrees.

All of the panels in front of the removable section of cage are welded in.  The plan is to have the rest of the floor overlap these welded in parts.

Various shots showing the closeout panels on the passenger side.  I wanted to minimize gaps this time around to see if a better sealed passenger cabin would cut down on the heat.

Drivers side closeout panels.

The panels under the storage area are removable.  I may change them later if I need to duct air to the radiator.

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