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The seats went back in today so I could figure out the harness mounting points.

The 3rd seat was easy, the lap belt mounting points are at the base of the seat mounts while the harnesses will attach to a post between the radiator mounting posts.

Two pictures showing the spacing of the seats looking down the centerline of the chassis.

The front seats required some structure to be built up to get a good mounting point for the shoulder harnesses.  The structure I came up with will also become the rear cooler storage bins. I used 1" tubing and left an extra inch and a half clearance per side for the kids seat to allow for a bigger seat down the road. 

Drivers side view.

I am using some double shear tabs for the lap belt mounting points.

The ARB compressor will go behind the passenger seat.  I arranged the mounting bracket so it is easy to release the compressor if it needs to be serviced. Only the clamp nut needs to be loosened to pull the compressor out.

After a lot of debate I mounted the transmission cooler in front of the radiator.  I am somewhat concerned with how well this will cool being out of the main airflow. The backup plan is to duct air to the two coolers, worst case they get moved up.

I made these mounting pucks for the Vision X led rock lights a long time ago.  they are essentially a tube cap that was drilled and tapped for the required M2 screws. I am placing them strategically around the buggy to maximize the illumination around the buggy.  I presently have one mounted above each shock and the rest will be down low below the chassis.

Some of the many small details I have been trying to wrap up include boxing in the front upper shock mounts, bracing the upper light mount bar and stinger.

I also tweaked the nose a bit to give it a sleeker look.

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