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It was finally time to start finishing off the rear tubing.  the chassis still needed a cross brace for the passenger cabin and I needed a way to extend the roof further back to provide shade for the rear seat. I decided to tackle the roof extension first so I could make the cross bracing blend with it. The inspiration for the roof extension came from a backwards ballcap on my sons head of all things.  The other option was to extend the D pillar back further but that starts to make the chassis look big  where as this solution keeps the look of the smaller cab intact.

I ran out of tubing for the cross braces so I moved on to mocking up some templates to complete the rear upper link mounts.

This finished tab puts the link mount bolt in double shear and also ties the diagonal brace in the rear floor into the upper chassis frame rails.

The radiator tie down is made from a water jet cut plate that I bent up on my brake before adding the mounting tabs.  You may notice the skull and cross bones, one of the requirements from my son was the buggy had to have a skull on it somewhere so here it is.  The hold down plate will tie into the chassis via three posts made from some .75" DOM and some cut down 1/2-13 bolts. I will be using some high temp foam to cushion the radiator so the posts have clamping adjustment via the two nuts.

While I had the plasma cutter out I went ahead and cut some oval plates to cap off the rear shock clearance notches.

Moving to the front I came up with a simple bracket to mount the steering reservoir.  The cooler still needs a home, I have been eyeballing the space above and in front of the oil cooler.

The front axle still needs a lot of work, namely finishing off the bracing and closing up some of the gaps around the cylinder mounting plate. I added a brace for the lower link mount on the passenger side due to the inner tab being attached to the cast portion of the housing

I also started final welding all the plats to the axle housing. Pretty much started laying beads until I ran out of CO2.

After picking up some more tubing early in the week I set about finalizing the chassis bracing for the passenger compartment. This is essentially a giant cab compared to a typical 2 seater so when in doubt I error'd on the side of overkill when it came to the bracing.

The little tab next to the radiator is a mount for the overflow container.

A few shots showing the roof bracing.

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