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My goal this weekend was to get the passenger cabin fully sorted out.

You really need a lot of components in place to finalize the interior and since you have to start somewhere I started up front and positioned the front axle as far back as I could while still clearing the oil filter on the motor. To get the axle under the chassis I had to make some small stands and transfer the axle from my rolling cart to the stands.  The axle should be sitting at full bump now and I have left some room for a link mount tube to run across the top of the differential housing. Front driveshaft clearance still looks pretty good but I suspect I will have to shift the drive train to the drivers side to fully clear the bell housing as the angled motor isn't quite enough.

I also pulled the transfer case form my old rig in order to get an accurate representation of where the outputs were and to also accommodate the shifter assembly. With the transfer case in position I mocked up the rear driveshaft in what I think will be it's max upward position.  I came to the conclusion that I needed to drop the floor downward to the rear to maximize rear legroom and to better angle the seats so out came all of the door bars and in went some new ones.  I re-used the cross member the front of the seats will attach to but the rear one is now obsolete and will be replaced with a bar welded from B pillar to B pillar just above the rear driveshaft.

Playing around with seat angles. Now the dilemma was how to attach the front removable cross member with the rear one which was going to be welded to the chassis.  I slept on this problem and came up with an idea that would allow the braces that run front to rear to be removable.

My idea is to have a stud that hangs down from the front to rear braces so I just have to drop it into an oversized hole.  This is pretty important because down the road when you pull apart stuff on the chassis it is not always easy to get it lined back up again due to chassis movement.  Any cross member or removable welded structure (like an engine cage) should have clearanced holes for mounting holes. Back to the braces, first I rounded the head of a 5/16 x 1" hex bolt, cut a 7/16 tall spacer and inserted these two parts thru a 1/2" hole drilled in the brace.

The spacer keeps the head of the bolt close to the surface of the brace so you can plug the bolt/brace.  The tubing is 3/4" square.

Now I just had to bolt the mounting tab to the stud, position the brace and weld the mounting tab to the removable cross member.

A small hoop under the 3rd seat finishes off the area I consider the passenger cab. 

The hoop will stay tack welded until I can confirm the rear shaft doesn't need any more up travel.

I really wanted to set the passenger seat in there as well but it was pouring rain outside and the other seat was still in the old buggy.

I also shifted the front cross member braces a bit to clear the transfer case shifters.

I really need to get more parts off of the old buggy to go any further with the main structure.  I am hoping to pull the rear axle, pedals and steering parts next weekend.

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