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I was still missing some parts that needed to get mounted in the front end so I didn't get to finish off the engine cage tube work this last weekend.  The last thing I was able to do was mock up the front coilover mounting position.

The mounting brackets I made for the transmission cooler were designed to mount to the radiator.  The hoses will connect on the bottom and run under the radiator and along the engine back to the transmission.

My computer and cleaned up wiring harness did arrive but until the cab area is painted I am holding off on installing it  The second pictures shows the wires that will install on the cab, the rest of the wires reside on the motor.  As you can see Jim's Performance did a really nice job, everything is labeled and all the power requirements have been whittled down to a single 4 circuit fuse panel.  Jim also re-programmed the PCM to ignore some of the missing sensors that will not be present in my buggy and setup the PCM to control the fans on the radiator.

One cool idea I came up with while working under the buggy was a new way to mount my LED rock lights so they would be closer to the rocks, yet still out of harms way.  I drilled a sequence of holes in the boatsides front and rear that match the led spacing.  and will make a small tab to retain the light module from the backside.

On Monday my rear driveshaft arrived from High Angle Driveline.  I went with a 1350 CV at the transfer case and a 1410 u-joint on the differential end.  I also bought a spare section of slip and 1410 u-joint to be carried as a trail spare.

I had painted the cab the previous day so I was able to install the transfer case for the last time and then the new driveshaft.  It fit perfect.

I also had started painting some of the various parts I had collected in my "to paint" pile.  The exhaust parts and transmission dipstick tube were painted with a high temperature paint I picked up from a local auto parts store.

I should mention just before I installed the transfer case I noticed a slight bend in the cross member that the lower links mounted to.  The bend starts just past the link mount bracing plate that runs along the top of the cross member. I had to install the battery and transfer case before deciding on how to brace it in a way that would still allow removal of those two components.

My solution was to add a gusset in the corner that extends out to the area behind the link mount.  I also added a bracing tube that extends from the link mount brace up to the rear if the chassis.  I added a gusset to each side of the front cross member as well but no vertical brace since this cross member doesn't see as much loading as the rear one. 

The last little item I did was add a brace to the upper coilover mounting brackets in the rear.  I had been meaning to do this for a while but kept putting it off.  The brace ties the mount into the vertical tube on the inside of the chassis

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