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Since I didn't have much free time to work on the buggy last weekend I limited myself to planning so I could get stuff on order and small tasks.  One of the small tasks was to clean up the engine and remove any unneeded bracketry.

Here is a pile of brackets I removed from the engine, approximately 17lbs worth.  The big bracket to the right is 9lbs by itself! The large bracket is used to mount the coil packs, idler pulley, belt tensioner and in the original car it also has a clevis which is used tied to the front of the car to help control engine movement as seen in the picture below that I found via a Google search. 

I set out to see how much weight I could shave off the bracket and ended up trimming it down a whole 5 lbs.

I thought the steering was going to be a slam dunk but when I went to install the pulley from the stock pump on my PSC pump I discovered it did not fit.  I called PSC on Monday and after some discussion it was determined I had a CB style pump on the Pontiac motor.  It is nearly identical to the TC style pumps but visibly it uses a 3/4" diameter shaft instead of 5/8 and it has one fewer mounting holes. The guys at PSC felt the CB pump was a better pump than the TC so I decided to send it off to get modified for full hydro.

Some of my air intake parts arrived.  I will need to make a bracket to attach to the aluminum pipe in the second picture for support and to pull the pipe closer to the engine.

One of the big tasks this weekend was to get a transmission mount fabricated. I determined the battery tray was in the way and removed it along with some other unused tabs.

As you can see I made a bracket to bolt to the bottom of the transmission tail housing, then welded that to a cross member which attaches to the frame via some spring bushings at each end.  I also made a brace to help support the weight of the transmission and transfer case in the middle of the cross member from some leftover sway bar parts.  While making this mount I discovered the motor had a 10 degree tilt to it so I ended up having to modify the drivers side motor mount to get everything level again.  In hind sight it would have been best to make the transmission cross member first since this would have given me a nice flat plain to bolt to while I was making the motor mounts.

I also started to paint the back half since there is no planned changes.  I am using Rustoleum Hammered Black which ends up looking like a light charcoal color.  I have been real impressed with the hammered style paint that was used on my body panels.  It has proven much more durable than the typical spray can paint.

Now that the motor mounts were done I could add some bracing.

One of the other big tasks is making room for the coilover shocks up front.  The air shocks just cleared the old frame so I had to extend the old clearance notch a few more inches to make sure the springs would clear the frame on droop.

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