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Here's the damage from the climb up the Skullcrusher waterfall, one broken Alloy USA stub shaft.  I am disappointed with how easy it broke and the fact that there are no signs of twisting, just a complete and sudden break. I was nearly vertical at the time trying to get the passenger side tire to climb up a wall so I did not have the full weight of the buggy on one corner.

The inner splines look fine, no twist evident (this is the short side inner).

Here's a few shots showing the condition of the Longfield u-joint & caps.  There is some controversy on whether or not the bushingless design will eventually start galling.  I have 25-30 trail rides on these including 9 days on the road with no maintenance in between. I typically try to grease them with a pneumatic grease gun every other run but I haven't been able to get any grease in since the initial lubing.  As you can see, other than some slight wearing on the trunion finish both parts still have a very good surface finish with no galling evident.

Project Hellraiser Wrap-Up

This will be the last update for Project Hellraiser as It seems like a good stopping point.  The torch will be passed to Project Hellraiser 4 which will detail the conversion of my chassis to a 4 seater and cover some performance modifications for the engine.

I still have two issues on my to do list that I have yet to work out, the first being the venting of the TF-904. As you may recall I plugged the stock vent behind the torque converter and placed a new vent on the tail housing of the transmission and vented it to a catch can.  The new vent just doesn't work as planned and for some reason I get transmission fluid pumped into the catch can. The transmission also runs hotter than I would like so I have plans to go back to the original vent but use some tubing to route any fluid that escapes from it in a roll away from the exhaust manifolds.  I also am going to look into adding more cooling capacity to my transmission fluid circuit.

The other issue I have to deal with is eliminating the PCV valve so my motor doesn't suck in oil when off camber to the passenger side.  Look for solutions to these issues in the first few  Project Hellraiser 4 updates.