Project Hellraiser

Horsepower Upgrade



Project Hellraiser Planning

Engine Mounting/Issues

Chassis Modifications

Transmission Pan, D300 Buildup

Interior Design

Engine Bay Fabrication

Rear Drive shaft and Chassis Bracing

Engine Cage/Front Driveshaft/Interior


Last Minute Issues

Test Run #1, Twinstick Plans

Rear Air Bumps and Suspension Changes

End of the year project update.

Blown transmission and new sticky tires

Exhaust upgrades and new axle shafts

Fuel system re-fresh, Tire wear update

Project Wrap Up





The Plan

Update 3-17-06

Update 3-25-06

Update 4-6-06

Update 4-13-06

Update 4-22-06

Update 5-2-06

Update 5-21-06

Update 6-9-06

Update 7-10-06

Update 7-23-06

Update 8-25-06

Update 12-6-06

Update 1-4-07

Update 2-16-07

Update 5-28-07

Update 6-1-07