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These pictures are from Labor Day weekend.  On Saturday I nailed down the seat mounting.  The drivers side will be on a pair of seat sliders I picked up from Kartek Off-Road .  The passenger side will be mounted to a pair of aluminum rails and spaced up to match the drivers side (it won't be adjustable).

The seat rails are a pretty tight fit.

I also finished up the last of the roof braces.

With the seat installed, I climbed in to check out the controls layout.   What struck me was how much visibility I had.  I was planning a firewall and dash that would go clear across the buggy but I am now re-thinking that decision.

The last thing I did on Saturday was to mount the ARB compressor. It fits nicely under the floor on the passenger side.

I left one of the buggy seats in the living room and it was soon infested with Dachshunds.

Mocking up the firewall and pedals.  Looks like I will use the Toyota truck brake pedal and master cylinder and the gas pedal from the Celica parts car I had. Not sure about the clutch pedal yet, since mine will be cable actuated I may go with the stock Samurai clutch pedal.  You can also see my dash, a simple center console which will house a tachometer, water temperature and oil pressure gauges.  Still deciding on battery placement, under the dash panel would be nice and would simplify the cabling.

The light mounting tabs and radiator mounts were actually put in on Sunday.  I wasn't having a good day, too tired because I found myself making dumb mistakes.  These radiator mounting bars seemed to take forever and I made them too tall and ended up cutting and butt welding them to get them to the proper height.

I slept in on Monday and helped my wife with a house project before doing some light tube work.  I installed some braces I had skipped over, the boat sides are ready for plating and the sides are ready for skins.

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Summit Racing

#FLX-110 Electric Cooling Fan

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