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Well, even before I could get my first Project Pages posted I had a good deal fall into my lap which answers the power train question.  I picked up this rolled 85 Toyota pickup yesterday.  Bought it from the original owner who had taken excellent care of it.


While the block does have 240k+ on it, many of the seals and most of the major components like alternator, water pump, power steering pump and starter have been swapped out for new units.  The head has also been reworked, most of the hoses under the hood have also been replaced.  Rounding out the useable engine parts are a set of gauges, a fairly new 3 core radiator and a Thorley header.  Barring a really bad compression reading I plan on using this motor in Project BMP.

The main reason I picked up this vehicle was for transmission which was recently rebuilt.  When it was all reassembled a new clutch, pilot bearing and resurfaced flywheel were also installed. The Transfer case also contains Marlin Crawler #184, purchased way back in 1997 (4.7 ratio)!  So I just need to locate another transfer case and dual case adapter and my drive train will be complete. 

I will also utilize the rear axle housing for Project BMP.  The rest of the truck will be parted out, so if you need some parts check out the for sale section. I am looking for a second transfer case and fuel injection parts as possible trades.

Update 7-9-04

I have been making good progress on the parts truck.  After about 8 hours of work I am down to pulling the motor and harness. 

Update 7/10/04

Luckily the concrete pad beside my house is shaded all morning and then again when the sun starts heading down around 4pm.  This mornings task was to get the wiring harness out.  The job actually went pretty easily and by 11am I had the entire dash gone, wiring harness out and most of the engine connections unhooked.    If all goes well I'll have the drive train sitting on a pallet by this evening.

On the design front I have continued to refine my design.  I have modified the door bars to allow easier access, something I really like about my present rig.  I have also modeled the Toyota drive train and placed it in the chassis.  There are two issues that need to be resolved.  The first involves the Toyota radiator, it's too big to fit into the front clip I designed. The second issue is the transfer case, it hangs down pretty low so I need to decide if I will move the motor up or just live with the t-case hanging down low.  Before I make any design changes to accommodate these two issues I plan on re-checking some of my measurements once the motor is out of the parts truck. You'll also notice a hood bulge, I think I will need it to clear the intake manifold.

Update 7/11/04

I finished pulling the drive train yesterday evening.  This mornings task was to cut the rest of the tub up and disconnect the front axle.

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