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A lot of this stuff is the odds and ends I worked on during the week.  Here's the radiator mounting, I thru bolted it to the supports.  You may have noticed I re-did the mounts.  I wanted the radiator above the lower frame rails to give me maximum clearance for the front axle link towers.  I was able to move the radiator up but I did have to angle it back slightly to keep the top below the hood line.

Here's the nearly completed firewall with all the mounting holes, windows and wire pass thru holes installed.

I am re-using the Samurai clutch cable.  As you can see the mounting bracket has a 45 degree angle to it but the cable still needs to be perpendicular to the firewall.  I made an adapter block to accommodate the bracket angle and a steel spacer plate to firmly anchor the clutch cable bracket to the cage.  Without the spacer plate the firewall would flex whenever I pressed the clutch cable.

Since the Toyota throttle cable isn't long enough I had to re-use the Samurai throttle cable.  This required an adapter block be made and welded to the top of the gas pedal.  I could have used a Samurai gas pedal but I didn't have one and this was easy enough to make.

A close up shot of the steering column and the bracket that anchors the pedal assembly to the cage.  The next picture shows the steering valve mount.  I made an insert that fits inside the steering shaft (it will be welded), and then the other end slides inside the u-joint which when tightened clamps around the insert.  The way the u-joint screw goes thru the u-joint there has to be a flat spot on the insert, this flat spot will keep it from rotating if the screw comes loose.

My Dad lent a hand and we fabricated the lower rear frame and mounted the 8 gallon fuel cell. 

The mounting turned out pretty simple, we flipped the mounting brackets upside down and welded the straight bars to the frame.  So basically the fuel cell hangs in position.  Now I can figure out the fuel filter and fuel pump mounting.

Earlier in the week I received my new winch, a Warn 95Ti.  I chose this model for the line speed, the fastest out there as far as I could tell.

Part Numbers

Summit Racing

#BOB-10993 8 Gallon Drag Race Fuel Cell

#BOB-90921-1 Tip Over Valve

#MSD-2225 Electric Fuel Pump

#SPE-2369 Clear Fuel Filter

#SUM-290152 Fuel Cell Mounting Brackets

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