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Finally got around to swapping out the sagging rear springs with a set of OME coil springs. The whole spring swap was pretty straight forward so I didn't take any pictures.  While under the truck I did notice quote a few of the control arm bushings were falling apart.  The sway bar end links also looked to have seen better days. The truck currently has 323,000 miles so these

Thankfully we don't have to deal with corrosion here in the desert southwest so the parts actually don't look too bad considering they have 323,000 miles of wear and tear on them.

RockAuto is usually my go to source for parts but in this case they only had one very expensive option for the rear control arms.  I did some more searching and ended up buying new upper and lower control arms thru Amazon.  The lower control arms were $30.56 each and the uppers $28.76 each.

Amazon also had the best price on the sway bar end links, $30.08 each for the rears and $13.96 each for the fronts.

To handle the occasional 4Runner towing duties I went with an OME 2891 rear coil set.  This spring set requires a couple hundred pounds of gear to level out the back which will be good if I ever get around to fabricating the rear cargo area gear shelf I have been dreaming of.

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