Last weekends road trip turned out to be one of those epic wheeling trips that will be used to gauge all other road trips from here on out.   I doubt I will ever experience another weekend with as many high and low points as this last one, or at least I sure hope I don't.  Now that it is over I can look back with a sense of awe at what a few determined people accomplished but before I get to that and an explanation for this first picture I have to start from the beginning.

Chad, Scott, Jack and myself all arrived in Mammoth around noon.  We setup camp and loaded up the buggies to hit a few easier trails before the sun went down,  I was not looking forward to the long drive to the trailheads, especially with my front tires filled with water but the ride ended up being not so bad.  I did discover I could not cruise in 3rd gear up the shallow grades without overheating the transmission, one downside to having a non-lockup torque converter.  The ride was a bit more pleasant with some horsepower, my last trip out my 4 cylinder was only running on 3 pistons and actually blew one out the side of the block.

The first trail we ran was Last Crusade.  The trail was quite a bit different from last time, apparently the canyon flooded out pretty good last year and it showed.

All the usual notches were a bit deeper and there were lots of new, smaller obstacles now exposed between the major obstacles.

I really love the scenery back in the canyons along Copper Creek, it's just nonstop greenery and cacti around every corner.  

One of the bigger notches and the only spot you could tell someone had filled in with rocks.

My co-pilot Cameron rode the whole trail with me this time thru.  The last time we were here he was just over  a year and a half old.

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